A married couple turned photo and video team ready to document the story of your relationship. We are located in the Bucks and Montgomery Counties of Pennsylvania, but have traveled to all the surrounding states (and beyond!) to capture weddings!

We thrive in natural-light but are ready to get down in the colorful strobes at your reception! Pushing the boundaries of traditional posing to create authentic smiles and laughter is our goal!

hello - We are the Hills!

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Get to Know us

i once won 4 dollars off a lottery ticket - so i won the lottery (micah)

i share a birthday with Michael Scott (hannah)

micah recently discovered the show Suits and is very glad it exists.

i am the ultimate bookworm. Its embarrassing how many i read a year. I wont tell you. (hannah)

Micah recently gave up his soda addiction - for a new found love in oli-pop

hannahs fav dessert is rhubarb pie (YUM)

Our secret sauce is connection. We LOVE meeting and serving our clients. We strive to show up on your wedding day in a personable, fun way that feels like you're just hanging out with your friends (and we happen to have cameras). We connect so easily with people and can read situations very well and are able to adjust quickly on wedding days to fill your needs!


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The things that make me happiest in life are my incredible husband, Micah, my puppy Aylah, coffee OR chai, and Jesus of course! Some of my passions, aside from photography, include small home renovations and decorating, eating anything and everything that has cheese in it, and spending time with my favorite people! And whenever possible, I’ll be hanging out under an umbrella at the beach ... although living in PA means 9/10 times that's my mental state rather than physical.

I am a ball of adventure in the warmer months - hiking, beaching, and biking. But, winter keeps me cuddled under a blanket with my pup. I love plants but can’t keep them alive - tips would be much appreciated.

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I’ve been told by many people growing up that I’m a bit of an old soul. I’m not sure if I fully agree with that though. Yes, I do love to lay back on the couch (you better believe there’s a grunt before I sit down and when I get up too). But I’ve grown up always riding something. Whether it was a dirt bike, longboard, snowboard, my first car. I was always itching to go fast. It usually just ended with me crashing. 
Speaking of rides, I also have an extensive collection of cars….well, hot wheels. I’ve always had a love for cars. After watching my father collect them and pass his down to me, I want to continue that passion. 
I’ve been a part of many worship teams playing guitar and singing. But nothing beats playing at home for yourself thinking you’ve just discovered a new chord after playing for hours. 
Being in my own home now I’ve noticed the birds outside a lot more. I’m not sure, but I think a passion for bird watching could be in my future. Guess they were sorta right about the whole old soul thing. 



kind words

"so easy and comfortable to be around"

Hannah and Micah are such an amazing team and are equally as easy and comfortable to be around - they make it feel like they aren’t even there at times, while making sure to be there for ALL of the best moments. I cannot stress enough how effortless they made our day go by, while capturing everything we hoped for and more. 

To say we are over-the-moon with their quality of work is a huge understatement. They are both extremely gifted at their craft, and are extremely humble for being so talented! 

Hillside Film & Photo was nothing short of amazing. Best choice we made for our wedding day!

Gianna and cody

kind words

"they will be your biggest fans on your day"

I do not even know where to begin with Hannah and Micah. They were simply wonderful. They helped us to relax and enjoy every moment. They captured every single candid we could’ve dreamed of. Every moment, every memory, all the love, the joy is all captured in photo. While I’ll never be able to completely relive that day, Hannah and Micah helped me get pretty close.I feel forever grateful for them. For how lovely they were and how genuine they always are. They took all anxiety out of my day. They will be your biggest fans on your day, and we can’t imagine ours without them.

Monica Walker

kind words

"they were easy to work with and fun!"

Hannah and Micah are absolutely incredible. From engagement photos, to the wedding planning process, to the actual wedding day, they were easy to work with, accommodating, and fun. My husband and I cannot recommend them enough! They are such a creative duo with easy-going energy - which makes a big difference when you’re being followed around with a camera! We could not be happier with our engagement and wedding photos. Our wedding film captured the emotions of our day so perfectly. Thank you, Hills! 10/10 recommend!

meghan p.

kind words

"Hannah and micah make you feel at ease"

Hannah and Micah are the kindest,the sweetest and the most fun videographers I have every worked with! Not to mention, that they are super talented and capture all the best moments of your wedding/event! Being in front of a camera can be really uncomfortable but Hannah and Micah make you feel so at ease. I absolutely love working with them and cannot recommend them enough! 

naticia f.

for the couples

who value authentic over tradition

We strive to create timeless, authentic, true to you images and wedding film that take you back to the day (let’s be honest) you spent a ton of money on. But, rightfully so. It’s a big day; an incredibly special day, and we want to take you back to relive it.

We want to make you feel at peace, make you laugh (probably AT us), and serve you like a king and queen! 

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